why afghanistan?

There are many places in the world that need help, encouragement, and hope of a better future. 

So, why Afghanistan?  More than a decade ago, a network of healthcare professionals was seeking a place they could concentrate their efforts for a noticeable impact. They were invited to go with a short-term team visiting Afghanistan before the fall of the Taliban. The Afghan healthcare system was in shambles and access for women was all but non-existent. Sozo International’s seeds were planted here.

Small, incremental steps were taken and then the unthinkable happened – 9/11. With the fall of the Taliban came open doors never before imagined. Sozo International was launched.

The work started with a strong emphasis on healthcare and emergency relief. The vision grew as Sozo saw the great need to rebuild a sustainable infrastructure, a community of educated youth, and opportunities for adults to work and build their skills.

Today, Sozo has grown into a nationally recognized NGO (non-government organization) in Afghanistan.

We have received accolades from the Ministry of Health for the model used at our clinics, one of holistic care partnered with community health education.

Additionally, our education models serve the street-working children of Kabul and provide adult literacy and skills training to provide hope of an economically sustainable future.