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Saina teaches 7th grade Biology, Dari, and Citizenship at a SOZO funded school.



sozo school teacher

Teaches 7th grade subjects of Biology, Dari, and Citizenship.

Q:  Saina, why is it important to have SOZO School in Kabul and to have a 7th grade class?

Saina: It’s important because SOZO has good teachers and they are hardworking with students. I’m a mother, and the students are like my kids, I love them. Students at SOZO need love and friendship – they come from very poor families and sometimes they have no parents. At SOZO we can be like their mother and their father. The love is even more important than the lessons. At SOZO we try to understand the lives of the students and help them forget some of their problems. Having 7th grade here means we can continue to do that with our older students.

Q. What is your dream for the 7th grade students?

Saina: Our 7th grade is a smart class. I hope they go even further in their studies. I also have a dream that the students who are weak in their studies will rise to higher and higher places with my help.

Q. How long have you been teaching?

Saina: I’ve been teaching for 17 years total. But I’ve been at SOZO School for 8 or 9 years now I think! Honestly, you can’t find a better school than SOZO School.