ways  to connect to

Sozo's community:


Learn individually or together

Sozo has several educational resources available for individual and group use to learn more about Afghans and Sozo’s work, as well as ideas to connect with refugee and Muslim communities at home.

Consider a group book or video study (email us for a list of suggestions).

As a group, volunteer with a local refugee outreach organization, tutoring English lessons or acting as a liaison for new-to-the-US families.

Take a class together (Perspectives, Engaging Islam).



Your prayer support is integral.

Prayers are appreciated for:

Sozo’s ongoing programs to make a difference

The security environment in Kabul to stabilize

Expansion plans in NYC

Boldness in approach

New partners and donors

for Sozo’s families and staff to have hope

 Join Sozo’s Prayer Team. Text ‘Sozo Prayer’ to 474747.


Connect with us

YOU are our best advocates!

Sign-up for Sozo’s newsletter

Like ‘Sozo International’ on Facebook and invite your network to do the same. Tell your ‘why’ story!

Involve your kids – Help them organize a lemonade stand to support Sozo, check out books from the library on topics of new cultures and languages, cook an Afghan meal together (recipes available – email us)

Consider a short-term trip to Kabul or NYC or a long-term team (Kabul) or internship (NYC) opportunity. Contact us for more information.


Be a Monthly Partner

Monthly partnership ensures sozo's ongoing success.

For example:


$1,000 classroom/month

$25/month/food package for one family

$60/DBA student/month

$23/month medical supplies for one outpost