Mission, Vision and Values 

Sozo is a Greek term meaning “to make well, to heal, to rescue from danger". 

Sozo International’s mission is to partner with at-risk Afghan communities to create a sustainable future and transformed lives through healthcare, education, and economic initiatives. We seek to do this in a holistic manner that considers physical, relational, and spiritual components. We intend to learn, partner, and provide resources to this end. 

Our vision is to be a catalyst of hope and change in some of the most vulnerable and forgotten communities in the world. 

Our values include: 

  • Building relationships that demonstrate hospitality, authenticity, and respect of one another

  • Entering into partnerships that serve Sozo’s mission and vision and benefit Afghan communities

  • Serving others in a relational context by setting positive examples and going the extra mile

  • Equipping and encouraging national leadership while Western presence serves behind the scenes

  • Relying on prayer to guide us as we steward what has been entrusted to us

  • Pioneering in our area of work through innovation, creativity, and intentional risk-taking, assured that achieving our vision is worth the risk