Sozo welcomes first short-term team to NYC Outreach.

Earlier this month, Sozo hosted a short-term team from our newest partner organization, CU Church from Champaign/Urbana, IL.


Seven team members spent several days in Queens with Sozo and were such an encouragement to us personally and to our goal of making an impact in the local Afghan community. The team was eager to learn about Sozo’s vision for the expansion in New York City, ways CU can continue to build relationships with Sozo that will benefit the Afghan community here at home and around the world – and they moved office furniture into our new space – in a snow storm! We are grateful! 

Reflecting on CU’s recent visit, Tina Bruner, Sozo’s Executive Director, commented, “The time spent with CU Church in Queens emphasized the role that short-term teams will play in Sozo’s efforts to make an impact in this community. The relational needs are so great and deepening relationships will only happen with short-term teams and individuals with a shared passion. I was so encouraged by CU’s willingness to jump in and partner with us as we launch and learn. The team was open, flexible and willing to engage! They were a great start to what we hope is a growing partnership with CU and many more teams to visit!

Jordan McGuire, co-leader of CU’s team, said, “CU’s heart behind missions is that we’d have opportunities to build bridges and engage with people from various backgrounds and cultures. We hope that by partnering with Sozo, we will be able to come alongside and assist as they get planted and expand their reach in New York City. We look forward to being a part of Sozo’s efforts to build bridges in the community, encouraging the staff, and partnering in prayer in NYC.” 

Jordan also commented, “We see this partnership allowing for those who attend CU to experience people from other cultures and will spur them to long to reach those in our very own community who are from various cultures. CU is uniquely situated in a college town that attracts people from all over the world and we hope this will bring about creativity and even interest in reaching out to the nations in our backyard.”

When asked what a trip highlight was, Jordan responded, “Is it bad that the trip highlight may have been the nap time after moving everything into the office? Just kidding!” (Did we mention they moved in a snowstorm?) “It was great to be able to spend time with Tina and Wakil. We also loved being able to become familiar with the neighborhood and various places that they hope to engage. It helps us know specifically how we can be praying for Sozo!

SOZO team and members from CU Church exploring New York City.
CU Church team learns about SOZO’s work in Afghanistan.

Sozo Team