Celebrating our first diploma of Business Administration graduates.

We congratulate you on your achievement!

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This month, Sozo International graduated our first class of Diploma of Business Administration (DBA) students. 30 young adult students (ages ranging from 18-26) received an Associates Degree equivalent.

During their 2-year program, students learned skills ranging from resume writing, interviewing techniques, English lessons, preparing meeting agendas and taking minutes, basic computer and office technology skills (including Office Suite basics), marketing, accounting and so much more! They also received coaching around leadership, team work and persistence during setbacks.

11 out of the 30 graduates completed an internship during the program. All graduates are currently seeking jobs and four came out of the program with jobs lined up! Even further, some graduates are considering furthering their education and pursuing studies at one of the universities in Kabul, seeking to complete a Bachelor degree program.

Most of the DBA graduates belong to the most vulnerable families in Kabul, with little or no access to employment opportunities. Sozo’s Education Initiates Model seeks to provide opportunities for the entire family – almost 800 grade school children are enrolled in our School for Street Working Children and their older siblings or parents are eligible for our Vocational Training or DBA Programs. Our goal is to empower adults towards employment and income with dignity, eliminating the dependence a family has on their younger children bringing income into the home.

 Zubair Ghaznavi, the Director of the DBA Program, says, “The first thing that makes me proud is that I was a part of the team that helps students get this level of education, when they learned about Business Management, Computers, English, they also learned about organizational behaviors, theory and practice.

 I’m also proud that that almost 14% of the students have already got employment because of the training and education provided by Sozo, They have an average income of around $150/month, which is being used for their daily needs, such as food, medicine, and education.

 As this class was a Pilot Project for the program, I consider it successful and look forward to continued growth. This program provides vulnerable youth access to quality education.”

 We’re so proud of our graduates and their desire to be a generation of change and hope!


Sozo Team