Healthcare Initiatives

Something as simple as a cut, infection, or minor illness is not easily dealt with in an environment where access to healthcare is very limited and expensive.

More serious or complex medical needs often go untreated for the same reasons.

Sozo works to provide healthcare solutions for the community of Barek Aub through our medical clinic, provided free of charge. Patients come from Barek Aub and surrounding communities but can also travel up to 100 miles to seek care.

In addition to the clinic, Sozo staff and volunteers teach community health education, teaching local men and women about health and hygiene practices and the prevention of disease. These individuals can then use their knowledge to educate their families and neighbors, who can then do the same.

Sozo also runs an in-school health clinic in our Kabul school, which provides our students and their families easy access to basic medical care or referrals to specialists, if needed.


A Community Health Worker (CHW), who is trained by Sozo to help meet basic health education and healthcare needs in her community.

Please partner with us in our healthcare initiatives, your gifts will make this possible:

  • Provide Doctor at Kabul School: $600/month

  • Provide basic medications for one student at Kabul School: $10/month

  • Provide medical supplies to one Community Health Outpost: $23/month ($160/month to supply all 7)

  • Provide Doctor at Barek Aub Clinic: $400/month

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SOZO-Healthcare Afghanistan.jpg