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Hanifa sanpoor

sozo community
health worker

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Q:  What is your name? How long have you
lived in Barek-aub?

Hanifa: Hanifa Sanpoor. I am a health worker at the basic health clinic. I have lived in Barek-aub with my husband for ten years and been a CHW here for seven. We have two grandsons that also live with us. Before living in Barek-aub, we were in another camp in Afghanistan and before then we lived in Iran for fourteens years. I was also a CHW there. But now I am very grateful that Barek-aub is my home.

Q. Why did you want to become a CHW?

Hanifa: I wanted to help people and teach them. My favorite part is helping people, getting medicine to people and working with Sozo. I love being a CHW. Before, as I said, I was in Iran and I loved helping the people there and I love helping all the people I see in Afghanistan.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a CHW?

Hanifa: My work is my favorite. I am like a doctor and I enjoy it very much. I see around 150 houses in a week. I enjoy talking about health with the people because sometimes things are very bad in the houses. I can bring people medicine, I can tell them when things need to be warmer, when they need to open the windows, that they don’t need to be scared, and when to get vaccinations.

Q. What is hard/easy about being a CHW?

Hanifa: Before Barek-aub it was very difficult. There were a lot of problems. People didn’t know each other. They would ask ‘who are they? What’s happening?’ But then the Sozo office came and the clinic was built. Now the people love the CHW’s and things are easier among the community.

Q. What difference are the CHW’s making in Barek-aub?

Hanifa: The CHW program is very important! There were a lot of problems before. People didn’t know what to do, they didn’t know each other. They didn’t know how to work together. Homes were very bad. No one was getting vaccines. They didn’t know about family planning. But this program has made a big difference. Day by day I see Barek-aub getting better.

Q. What are you dreams for the future?

Hanifa: My dream for the future is that every place in Afghanistan would have a CHW program that is good. It’s very important. Also that Afghanistan would have peace that people would have work in the future. It would be very good. I hope that children will be healthier and more people will help. As for me, I will continue to help. But without these things, people will continue to be sick.